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[Scan] SEVENTEEN ・15-16 (2008/07/15 - 2008/08/01)


Yamapi 0409

NEWS no NEWS (yamapi agian!)
Wentz Eiji

Yamamoto Yusuke

~ ~" i scan it for long time but no time to post it T^T


Sankyuuu!!! <3 Pi's scans. It's the follow up to the 0409 series^^
thanks for Yusuke and yamapi scans!!
Thank you!!! Taking the Wentz Eiji and Yamapi ones! :D
thank you! taking all of them! ^^,
Thank you~~~ <3
A lot of Yamapi.. Me Hap-Pi!!

By d' way.. that Wentz Eiji slightly looks like Tackey.. (or it just me?)
Thanks for sharing... >_
Arigatou gozaimashita for the scans <3
Taking Yuuuusukeee's~ ♪
Taking the Yamamoto and Yamapi scans~ thank you.
grabbing a couple of yamapi ones, thank you so much!!! ♥
lol stitch yusuke/ emo fan yusuke nice juxtaposition :D
Added memories ♥

I'll take some Yamapi ones later, and will credit :D.
Thank you so much for Eiji scans! <3
Oooh, thank you so much, I'm grabbing the Eiji scans!
nyaaa~~..i'm taking the yusuke..^^,,thanx u so much~
I took Yamapi -- thanks!
>..< taking everything~

Thanks for sharing~
Thanks for these! <3
Thanks for your scan. I'm looking for News no news v29 scan everywhere.